Itzik BenShalom Modern Sculptures
I was born in 1945 in Hadera Israel where I currently live with my wife Hannah and our Children. One of my most vivid Memories as a chaild involved a young British Army Officer who gave me a bullet casing. For years I kept that metal gun shell in my pocket. I used to rub it all the time and instead of wearing it out, the shell developed a patina and luster, the metal fascinated me. When I was fifteen I went to sea as a merchant marine. I traveled the world several times. The images I saw in Africa, the raw materials I loaded on my ship, the textures, all stayed with me and I think even now, I work from those images and textures sub-consciously. Upon Completing my military service (in the Israeli Navy) I knew I wanted to work with metal. So in 1967, with no formal training, I set up a foundry in partnership with my brother-in-law. There we specialized in the 4000 years old "Lost Wax" method of casting sculpture.

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Modern Sculptures